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Moving merchandise from manufacture to final consumer or end-user involves many steps. Wholesale trade, the selling of large quantities of goods to a retailer for the purpose of resale to consumers or to the end user, serves as the final step. It involves placing the goods in the hands of consumers.

Wholesale trade firms act as intermediary between manufacturer and end-user. They help simplify flow of goods and payment from factory to customers. The typical wholesale-retail business starts with the manufacturer producing a product. A wholesale trader purchases large quantities of the product from the manufacturer, typically at retail price. The wholesaler then sells the product to consumers, typically at retail stores or outlets, in smaller quantities. To make a profit, the wholesaler marks up the price of the product. 

Wholesale trade plays a role that is essential to the economy.  For consumers, they serve as quick and convenient source of different kinds of goods from different manufactures, lessening the amount of time and resources spent on transactions. Besides selling merchandise to consumers, wholesale trade firms perform several functions for manufacturers.  Wholesalers serve as their marketing medium and point of contact with customers. They provide customer service, process orders, or provide technical support - tasks that manufacturers would do otherwise. 


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